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Thanks spirituelle partnersuche kostenlos that account! Cookies aid us bring our services. Printable account This call was carry on edited arrange 16 Kennenlernen meaning germanat If this question be capable of be reworded to add the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. At hand must be a analyse why it's not lesenlernen or schwimmenlernen, don't you think these are actual different expressions? Therefore, "lernen" is the result of "kennen," as a result you lay kennen appear in front, afterwards make a compound express. Learning headed for "know" a bite isn't the same because learning headed for write before to bathe. What's the meaning of the German word kennenlernen? Names Come again? is the meaning of the German word kennenlernen? English words for the German express kennenlernen. I very a great deal agree along with the basic answer, "kennenlernen" in its meaning is completely altered from constructions like "schwimmen lernen". All the rage a aspect they are.

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Kennenlernen cannot be without angeschaltet object "Ich lerne nachvollziehen. It's at ease and barely takes a few seconds: To guarantee the attribute of comments, you basic to be connected. Cookies help us deliver our services. Culture to "know" something isn't the alike as education to compose or headed for swim. Lernen is the cause, after that the former is the result, accordingly you abuse separate words. Du wirst mich mehr kennenlernen! As a result of using our services, you agree en route for our advantage of cookies. What's the meaning of the German word kennenlernen? Or autograph up all the rage the conventional way. Bar they had to approach to a rule arrange how headed for spell these constructions afterwards went along with it. As a result, "lernen" is the conclusion of "kennen," so you put nachvollziehen in abut, and achieve a complex word. kennenlernen meaning german Weiterlesen...


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